Workplace Chronicles

WTN chronicles the workplace in our live action episodes. These scenes are performed in our “edutainment-style” training by professional actors/trainers/subject matter experts.

Below are sample scenes from our library of over 100 “prime time” issue-packed scripts, embracing dozens of legal and behavioral topics.

You can also license WTN scripts for use in your own classroom or video training, or WTN will provide custom programs using the scripts of your choice.

WTN: the power of Edutainment!

These scripts are the copyrighted intellectual property of Workplace Training Network, Inc. and may not be used for any other purpose without express written permission from Workplace Training Network, La Mesa, CA.

All Due Respect

(Appropriate, Respectful Conduct Towards Employees and Customers) Conduct relating to age, gender, race, ethnicity as well as sexual comments create issues for employees and customers in a retail environment.

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Nuts and Bolts

(Managing and Improving Employee Performance): a supervisor displays good performance management skills with an employee whose performance is deteriorating.

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Can We Talk?

(Conflict Resolution / Hostility in the Workplace): Co-workers who previously had a romantic relationship work through conflict, communication problems and issues of hostility.

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No Big Deal

(Hostile Environment / Intent vs. Impact) A supervisor does not take proper action when an employee confides in him about a co-worker’s offensive conduct.

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Seeing the Light

(Sexual Harassment/Supervisor and Management Responsibilities): A manager sits down with a supervisor in her group to address a complaint and enlighten him his legal responsibilities.

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Risky Business

(Safety): A manager finds all sorts of reasons to not to address numerous safety violations and a disaster ensues.

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Man Oh Man

(Sexual Harassment/Retaliation): A female manager makes offensive comments, ignores concerns about conduct and threatens retaliation against the only male in the department.

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Eye of the Storm

(Diversity/Cultural Conflict): Tensions erupt between the Hispanic facilities manager and a long time African-American employee on a college campus, leading to a discrimination complaint.

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Do or Die

(Workplace Romance): A married manager who has been sleeping with an employee and getting her perks tries to end the affair and it does not go well.

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Where There’s Smoke

(Performance Management/Workplace Violence): An employee, who is being disciplined for work problems displays warning signs of potential violence.

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Early Warning

(Hostile Environment/Retaliation/Supervisor Responsibility): inappropriate gender-based behavior at a fictional city hall leads an employee to go to his supervisor, but he then resists the mandatory action the supervisor must take.

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Crossing the Line

(Harassment in the Schools) A teacher’s warm, personal style leads to questionable conduct with a student and confrontation with a parent.

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Safe or Sorry

(OSHA/Safety): A manager’s negligence leads to serious safety violations and major consequences for him and the company.

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Back Off!

(Harassment/bullying) In the break room, a female employee engages in potential physical, verbal and visual harassment and gets aggressive with a male co-worker.

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Go for the Gold

(Harassment) Male supervisor engages in potential Quid pro quo, Hostile Environment harassment and retaliation in an encounter with a female subordinate.

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