Workplace Harassment: The Real Deal

For supervisors and employees

Except for supervisors subject to mandatory 2-hour supervisor training requirements in CA and CT.

This program is also available as an

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Workplace Harassment: The Real Deal is an engaging, powerful, high-impact, “edutainment”-style course.

38-minute video covers all types of unlawful harassment and retaliation  

Practical, clear explanations of supervisor responsibilities and liability and employee complaint procedure.

Brought to life in living color by dynamic facilitators, a top-notch attorney and professional actors performing entertaining, realistic, issue-packed, “prime-time” episodes.

This training can save you time, money and legal hassles — it meets the “effective training” standard in establishing an “Affirmative Defense” for employers in the event of an employment-related charge. Prevention is the best tool to eliminate complaints about possible misconduct, including workplace harassment and discrimination.

Delivery Options Available

ONLINE ACCESS from your own branded page

  • Policy review and acknowledgment
  • No-fail online testing
  • Printable completion certificates
  • Printable course materials
  • Spanish options available


Comes with both English and Spanish versions at no additional cost, and printable course materials CD with:
  • Tests and answer sheets
  • Sample Certificates
  • Handouts
Purchase cost: $225.00


WTN online compliance training is supported with a robust Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) including:
  • Your organization’s branding
  • Insertion of your Harassment Policy for review and acknowledgement
  • Real-time reports
  • Automatic E-minders
  • SCORM courses that can run on your LMS
  • Single Sign On (SSO) capability
  • Over 1,000 Safety and OSHA required training courses available through our network
  • Full time Client Service Rep (CSR)
  • Client control over access to internal and external training
  • API capability to connect with your HRIS