Online Workplace Training

WTN’s powerful online training can save you time, money and legal hassles. Harnesses the power of entertainment to educate your business’s employees. Prevention is the best tool you have to eliminate complaints.

Workplace Harassment

An engaging, powerful, high-impact, course covering all types of unlawful harassment and retaliation. This video includes practical, easily understood explanations of manager/supervisor responsibilities and liability and employee complaint procedure.

Workplace Violence

Many incidents of workplace violence can be prevented if your workforce is knowledgeable, watchful, and committed to a safe workplace community. This straight-talking, info-packed and practical video drives home the message of awareness and prevention.

Ethics & Code of Conduct

Concepts and information about ethics and code of conduct in the workplace are brought to life in living color by dynamic facilitators / professional actors who layout key learning points in entertaining, realistic “prime-time” episodes.

Healthcare Workplace Violence

Created in collaboration with Nossaman, LLP this comprehensive online solution for compliance with CalOSHA Title 8 Section 3342 mandatory training requirements and other regulations for workplace violence prevention training in the healthcare workplace.

Canada Workplace Violence

Designed for supervisors and employees a scene is highlighted between a troubled employee and his supervisor, who do some things right — and some things very wrong, exploring the message of awareness and detailing steps for prevention and response.

Canada: Harassment & Bullying

Harassment & Bullying Prevention Training for Canada defines and demonstrates various types of harassment and bullying using dynamic facilitators, meets the training requirements of 1977 Canadian Human Rights Act, Ontario Bill 168, and BC Bill 14.

Preview: Workplace Harassment