FLSA/Wage & Hour Basics

For Managers, Supervisors & Employees
U.S. & California-Specific Courses

Complying with Federal, state and local laws around wages and work hours can be daunting and is a total team effort! It requires that everyone, up and down the ladder, be informed about the basics.

Leaders must:

  • Be diligent & intentional in communicating rules & monitoring compliance
  • Encourage & empower associates to properly manage timekeeping & reporting
  • Maintain open lines of communication for questions & concerns
  • Always partner with H.R. to address any questions re: Wage and Hour or Employee classification

Employees must:

  • Know and follow the rules for keeping track of work hours
  • Make sure reporting is accurate and transparent

We cover this and so much more in this interactive, 35-minute course.  WTN partners, Kit Goldman and Memo Mendez, give a dynamic overview of key learning points. Then the issues are brought to life in engaging, realistic live action scenes so learners can use their knowledge assessing how things were handled.

Content includes (but is not limited to):

  • Minimum wage and overtime under the FLSA
  • Federal, state and local wage & hour laws
  • Meal & rest breaks
  • Employee classification: Exempt and Non-Exempt
  • Exempt and Non-Exempt
  • Remote workplaces
  • “Off the clock” work
  • Non-Retaliation

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