Unity In Diversity

Training on Diversity & Inclusion for Supervisors and Employees

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    There is a huge spotlight on Diversity & Inclusion which makes this training a top priority for every workplace. It has never been more important to create awareness of Diversity & Inclusion and empower your team to avoid stereotyping, bias, microaggressions, and unlawful discrimination — and to understand the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce.

    That is exactly what you will achieve with this powerful, up close and personal, high impact, 35-minute video-based online course!

    “Unity in Diversity”  approaches the topic of Diversity & inclusion in a very real, practical, and personal way. Our dynamic and diverse experts, Leslie Smith and WTN partner, Memo Mendez, share personal experiences, open up their lives and history to learners to show how issues of diversity and inclusion impact and shape lives. After Leslie and Memo inform and enlighten learners about the key concepts and learning points related to diversity and inclusion, learners see it all brought to life by professional actors in riveting, realistic, issue-packed scenes, followed by a discussion with the experts!

    • Accessible 24/7
    • Modular
    • Learning assessment after each module
    • Printable completion certificate

    Content includes:

    • Personal experiences and the importance of Diversity
    • What is Diversity?
    • Benefits of a Diverse workforce
    • Stereotyping, bias & discrimination
    • Unconscious bias
    • Microaggressions
    • Building Diversity skills
    • Scenes and debriefs with the experts

    Call: our partners at Impact Compliance Training 888-798-2433; or WTN 619-794-2718

    Delivery Options

    1) LMS

    WTN online compliance training is supported with a robust Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) including:

    • Branded portal
    • Insertion of your timekeeping and work hours reporting policy 
    • No-fail online testing
    • Printable completion certificates
    • Printable course materials
    • Real-time reports
    • Automatic E-minders
    • SCORM courses delivered on your LMS
    • Single Sign On (SSO) capability
    • Over 1,000 Safety and OSHA required training courses available through our network
    • Full time Client Service Rep
    • Client control over access to internal and external training
    • API capability to conect with your HRIS

    Call: our partners at Impact Compliance Training 888-798-2433; or WTN 619-794-2718


    • Innovative streaming training solution for group or individual training
    • Includes license for one year of unlimited access with renewal discount
    • Eliminates need for DVDs or DVD technology
    • Stream course directly from the internet or download* to your own system or computer so no internet access needed! 
    • Access from your own unique link 
    • Courses branded with your logo and a welcome message for your company
    • Environment-friendly! No discs, plastics, packaging, shipping materials, fuel — or shipping costs!
    • WTN will reach out ASAP upon order receipt to obtain logos, needed customizable details, provide delivery ETA, etc.

    Streaming Training Packages & Pricing:

    • $500 per course to stream in either English or Spanish
    • $700 per course to stream in BOTH English and Spanish
    • $600 per course to download* in either English or Spanish
    • $800 per course to download* in BOTH English and Spanish


    • Content branded with YOUR logo and a personal welcome message
    • Includes license for one year of unlimited access with renewal discount
    • FULFILLMENT email with the following:
      • Unique link solely for your company use
      • Printable course materials
      • Printable test
      • Printable answer sheet
      • Printable Certificate

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    *Download Option: 7-day window to download streaming content to your system for use without need for internet

    3) DVD Set

    Comes with printable course materials CD, including tests and answer sheets, sample certificates, and handouts.

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    4) Onsite Training

    Video-based training can be great, and ours is. However, when practical considerations allow for our interactive onsite training, it gives your team a remarkable, memorable, high-impact experience. WTN’s uniquely powerful, engaging, highly interactive “edutainment” methodology achieves unsurpassed levels of engagement, retention, and internalization.

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    5) SCORM courses delivered on your own LMS

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