Viking Range

Everyone really enjoyed the training and were very engaged.  You were entertaining and held their attention even over Zoom.  Thanks for making this training a great experience for our employees.
- Beth Kittle, Senior Human Resources Manager, Viking Range

Helix Water District

This is the second time that we have had Workplace Training Network provide their excellent CA AB1825 /AB 2053 Harassment training to our staff at Helix Water District. Once again, the training was well received at all levels of our organization. WTN uses relevant examples and powerful skits to engage our staff and maximize their learning experience.
- Anne Solano, Sr. Human Resources Analyst, Helix Water District

Cognella, Inc.

The quality of the videos was better than what we've had to sit through in the past...no technical issues.... much more entertaining...the acting was better, more humor, all of this made time go by more quickly and less of a chore. The cost was much more reasonable too – Cal Chamber offered us a 20% discount because of our preferred membership, but the cost would still be over 3x higher. Thanks to all of you for the quality & “viewability", fair and reasonable pricing, and all the work you did to accommodate us. We’re very pleased and I’m glad we chose WTN!
- Greg Seckington, Cognella, Inc.


HUGE thanks to Kit and Memo for coming to our company to conduct our Harassment Prevention Training. What a great team these two make. We were extremely impressed at how committed they were to learning about what we value most here at FSSI. They created a uniquely tailored training for our organization and the turnout was remarkable. It was exciting to see how engaged all of our employees were throughout the training. We have received only positive feedback from so many. Can't wait to have Kit and Memo return when needed!
- Alayna Stewart, Human Resources, FSSI

Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.

We are THRILLED with WTN! We are a global company and needed to quickly find an efficient training solution that tackled some tactical problems, multi-state locations (including CA!), sites without individual computer access, etc. WTN had an easy and customized solution for every one of our questions! The feedback from employees after viewing the videos was incredibly positive; the scenarios were fresh, engaging and true to life, without being hokey. The certificates that were generated made it very easy to track progress, as well. Kit and team, THANK YOU for making our RESPECT Training a success, from first thought to last spreadsheet!
- Jamie F. Sack, Manager, Human Resources, Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.

UBS printing Group

Thanks to Kit and Memo for coming to our company to conduct Sexual Harassment training for all of our employees. They were a great team — very professional, knowledgeable, engaging, funny and warm. They tailored the training to our specific needs and were very easy to work with. WTN came highly recommended and they did not disappoint us. We received rave reviews from our employees, and many spoke of how funny and entertaining the experience was. One employee commented that the information provided was the same that you would get at any boring sexual harassment meeting, but presented in a way that was different, funny and memorable. We will definitely use WTN’s services again when the time comes!
- Leura Bradshaw, UBS printing Group

Julian Charter School

I’ve received only compliments about WTN training, both on the ease of use and on the content.  We’ll be back, that’s for certain!
- Cameron Byrd, SPHR, Julian Charter School

Communication Service for the Deaf

We used your training videos. Actually, as an old trainer, I am impressed. Again, thanks!
- Barbara Forinash, Communication Service for the Deaf


I really enjoyed your video on Sexual Harassment Part 1. This was exactly what I needed to better present the subject to our employees. Thank you. 
- Diana Hilerio, Vice President, Administration, Chess-in-the-Schools

Fulham Co., Inc.

I am glad I found your website to do the “Sexual Harassment” training for our Managers and Supervisors. I think the content on your website is great and very helpful. Thank you very much.
- Lily Guerrero HR Manager, Fulham Co., Inc.

Complex Claims

I completed your course on sexual harassment and found it to be very informative. I have gone through many of these courses over the years and this one really kept my interest and I remembered what they covered for the test. Thank you so much for providing this very helpful, informative course. 
- Joyce Perry, Complex Claims

Medtech Publishing

I completed the training on Harassment this morning and it is wonderful. Thanks!
- Pamela E. Slye, Medtech Publishing

Project Design Consultants

I went through the program and just completed the test. Wow! This is great.
- Peg Reiter, Vice President, Project Design Consultants

Welk Resort Group

This is excellent.
- Phillip Tanzilo, Manager of Corporate Learning, Welk Resort Group

Communication seminar

“Jeff, Kit and Memo did a fabulous job illustrating the critical points and principals of communication. This was very valuable to me professionally! I can’t think of any place else I could have gone where it would have been so crystal clear and on target. A great value!” “Very relevant! I come across the situations we explored all the time and now, with these new tools, I’m better prepared to address the issues” “I really enjoyed this day! The whole program was well presented and I loved the small class for more one-on-one participation!!” “The format was fantastic! The venue was beautiful. Jeff, Memo and Kit were incredibly knowledgeable and the acting was great!” Testimonials from our communication seminar on 5/3/2011  

Denton County

I recently participated in your Sexual Harassment course and it was excellent.
- Tracy L. Madison, Human Resources Staff Development Coordinator, Denton County

National Center for State Courts

The Workplace Training Network (WTN) products and client services provided by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) with the resources needed to develop our Human Resources E-learning Center. The WTN Sexual Harassment DVDs were an excellent tool that was used to enhance our web-based training. We are very thankful and appreciative to have Workplace Training Network, Inc. to assist us with our strategic mission to provide HR-related training to all NCSC employees that are geographically dispersed across the United States and around the globe.
- Mickey Collins, PHR, DSL, Sr. HR Generalist, National Center for State Courts

B.G. Loan & Jewelry Co.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the education I was able to take out of your training. As an owner and manager of a business, I never realized the liability of the workplace as seen from outside looking in. Things that may seem harmless could actually be very intense to some and cause ill feelings or worse. You really enlightened me to the ethics of the workplace and how to avoid unnecessary liability. I highly recommend your training to all owners, managers and employees of any size business from one employee to as large as they come, I think this is invaluable training that is a MUST for us all. Once again thank you for opening up our eyes to a very valuable subject that is not usually recognized until it is too late.
- Barry P Smith GG, B.G. Loan & Jewelry Co.

Leonardo Technologies, Inc.

It has been a wonderful experience working with you. You have been professional and efficient. Please feel free to use me as a reference if the need should ever arise.
- Anita Rice, Human Resources Representative, Leonardo Technologies, Inc.

Action Recyclers

I want to thank you and your staff for making our training very successful. Our staff got through all of the desired training sessions and it was completely seamless. We did enjoy the videos and the multi-lingual accessibility.  I will definitely use your services in the future.
- Lee Bohne, Action Recyclers

Supreme Oil

We used your videos and thought they were great. It kept my attention and laid things out very clearly. We are under 50 employees in CA, so this isn’t mandatory for us, but I feel it is important training for any size company… Thanks so much. 
- Adrienne Abbott, Supreme Oil

Comcourse, Inc.

It was an effective training and I really appreciate your support and help with implementation. I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.
- Rachel Salata, H.R. Assistant, Comcourse, Inc.

BMC Building Materials and Construction

Thank you for your comprehensive and engaging Harassment Prevention training at several of our western locations. We know the sessions were well received by the very positive feedback from supervisors and non-supervisors. The scripted scenarios you performed, and interactive exercises with employees, kept everyone engaged and entertained. The material was customized for the construction industry and BMC's workplace culture which enhanced relevance and retention. It was important to work with a company that could provide a blended solution of live and online training. You came highly recommended, and needless to say we were not disappointed.
- Camille Franks, Human Resources, BMC Building Materials and Construction

Pomona First Baptist Church

Our online Sexual Harassment training from WTN has been a great success – thanks to the content and the system. Thanks much. It has been great to do business with you and I am sure we will do more in the future.
- Peter Torry, Executive Pastor, Pomona First Baptist Church

Diamond Products Limited

We were completely satisfied with the training offered by WTN. Kit and her team were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. From our initial phone conversation through the successful completion of our selected training offering we received personalized attention and prompt answers to any questions we had. Your program allowed us the opportunity to train employees at multiple locations within the State of California while still focusing on meeting the needs of our customers without interruption.
- Dave Lanzi, HR Generalist, Diamond Products Limited

Clearfield City, UT

We will use the Workplace Training Network again! Our municipality has a very diverse group of 110 full-time and 250+ part-time of employees; some who work on-site, others who work remotely or in the field.  It was challenging to find sexual harassment training  that was easily accessible, yet meaningful for all our employees – but we found that here! The training material is up-to-date and relevant. It covers a wide variety of topics and the mix and real-life workplace interactions and legal information is perfect. The quizzes are the right length and a good test of the information provided in the training. A few of my employees commented on the training, saying it was the best sexual harassment training they’ve been through. My managers felt like this training and the time commitment it requires of the participants put a greater emphasis on the importance of professional workplace behavior. As the administrator of the program, I appreciated the customer service I received from Kit and her team. Any questions we had were answered within the day and the reporting they provided was just what we needed to manage the compliance of our large groups. All around, exactly what we needed!
- Summer Palmer, Human Resource Manager, City of Clearfield

Jamco America, Inc.

So many of our employees have commented how good this training is. You really bring it home with the examples you portray in the video. Employees that we in HR worry about have commented, “I’m going to have to retrain myself on how to act at work!” They see harassment training every year but this year’s training really made them think about their actions.
- Darlene Broadus, PHR, Safety Project Manager/Human Resources Generalist, Jamco America, Inc.