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Covid-19 Resources for the Workplace

We’re all in this together — and while your employees are at home, there is no better time for them to complete their required harassment training. The expert team at Workplace Training Network / Impact Compliance Training is here to serve. We are sending all good thoughts for the health, safety, strength and well being of you and your team during this extraordinary time.



Company Spotlight: Workplace Training Network

Original publication: Bis Safety Software

Unique, Impactful, Highly Interactive Training

Workplace Training Network, Inc. (WTN) has been a leader in interactive human resources training for 29 years, proudly serving a variety of supervisors, employees, health-care providers, public officials, and more since 1992. WTN, in conjunction with their strategic partner, Impact Compliance Training, provides interactive, engaging, and powerful “edutainment” on a wide range of workplace topics, with a primary focus on compliance training re: harassment, and discrimination. President and Founder, Kit Goldman, is constantly looking for new ways to provide the most powerful and compelling training possible Kit has navigated WTN through the challenges of COVID-19 by moving further towards online training.

What places WTN ahead of the competition is their use of “prime time” real-life scenarios to deliver content to any audience. By using professional actors to reenact scenarios, WTN provides training that is relatable, and engaging, rather than a list of facts. Kit Goldman, and her partner, Memo Mendez, started in the entertainment industry, and brought “edutainment” back with them to human resources training. During their training work with MGM Studios early on, their approach to training was praised for its “edutainment” value by executives. Kit and her team ran with this approach.
Today, harassment training is their most profitable course, and is the core program of WTN. In the United States, there are 6 states that require harassment training, and each has their own specific requirements which are always evolving. To stay on top of any changes with respect to compliance, WTN uses relationships built with other service providers to strategize ways to continually update their training services. WTN has not only created courses to satisfy the requirements in every state but have expanded their services to cover training requirements in Canada.

free digital safety forms


Free Digital Safety Forms

For Individuals

With a personal account on BIStrainer and the SafeTapp app, you can access select digital forms for FREE!

It is time to take your safety and compliance forms digital!

This free digital form functionality provides a sample of the full functionality contained in the digital forms tool. Free forms are available for personal SafeTapp accounts. For the complete experience, including robust form reporting, assigning forms to your employees and colleagues, setting up form workflows, and more, our team is always happy to take you through a full demonstration or set up a company portal.


Warehouse Safety During COVID-19 and Beyond

Despite closures around the country due to the coronavirus outbreak, many warehouses continue to operate as essential businesses. For the health and safety of their workers and the continuity of their businesses, warehouses must implement stringent social distancing and cleanliness protocol to prevent coronavirus transmission in the workplace.

If your warehouse is operating during the coronavirus pandemic, these are necessary precautions to keep your employees safe.

Jeffrey Klubeck


Remote Communication Remote Workspaces? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Let’s start with communication. It was inherently dicey before the mass remote migration. Even in great workplaces, message intended is frequently not message received, cultural and other personal filters warp meaning, and we encounter barriers to listening and critical thinking, among the many roadblocks to understanding.  

Add in new challenges of the remote communication landscape, such as increased use of technology and the associated learning curves, new competing stimuli, reduced access to non-verbal cues, less chance for needed interaction on-demand (to name a few) and you have the moment for some long-needed skill building!  

Communication is the heart, the soul, the foundation, of our relationships — personal and professional. Empowering your team to become effective communicators has enormous benefits.



Illinois Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Requirements 101

If you’re unsure of how to meet Illinois’ new sexual harassment prevention training requirements, this at-a-glance guide will highlight the essentials. It covers the Workplace Transparency Act, upcoming deadlines, and special considerations for bars and restaurants. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive guide to meeting Illinois’ requirements, please visit Impact Compliance Training’s sexual harassment prevention training blog.

SB 0075 Basics

On August 9, 2019, Illinois Governor, J.B. Pritzker, signed the Workplace Transparency Act, also known as SB 0075. Starting in 2020, this bill requires employers in the state of Illinois to provide annual sexual harassment prevention training to their employees.



Risky Business

By Kit Goldman, President of Workplace Training Network, Inc.

Robert: Location Manager for a fictional construction supply company
Luisa: a yard employee

Scene: Robert’s office. He’s on the phone with his wife


Risky Business Scene 1

R: (on phone)….Yeah, that’s right honey… 5 more days and it’s you and me, the beach in Maui, mai-tais the size of …what? …oh yeah, baby, we’ll be doing the hukie lau…(Luisa comes to door, he waves her in) and a bunch of other stuff ‘cause Bobby, Billy, Barbie and the baby will all be with grandma, 2,500 miles away! …(suggestive little chuckle)…uh huh… Who loves you baby? (Luisa looks embarrassed) … honey, gotta go. Luisa’s here. You know what that means… trouble. (Luisa glares. He hangs up) I’m joking!

L: Very funny.



Where There’s Smoke

By Kit Goldman, President of Workplace Training Network, Inc.

Annette: a supervisor at a fictional company or government agency
Jeff: an employee in her department

SCENE: Annette is in her group’s work area. Jeff enters. He’s late.

A: (checks watch) Nice of you to drop by.

J: Hey, I’m sorry. You know, it’s amazing. We can explore distant galaxies, but we can’t get the elevators to work. I was 15 minutes early until I hit every red light. Then I get here with no time to spare and the elevator parks itself on 2 for 10 minutes.

A: You could have taken the stairs.



Early Warning

By Kit Goldman, President of Workplace Training Network, Inc.

Ron: an employee at a fictional City Hall
Casey: his supervisor

SCENE: Ron is back in his office after a break Laurie an upsetting encounter with a co-worker


R: (on phone with a staffer in another department) …..there’s no way…..uh uh, no way…’s just not possible….Antonio, read my lips: I cannot pull all of that information together in a week….. (Casey, his supervisor, enters Laurie overhears conversation) It’s hard to say when… because I’m already swamped… it may come as a shock, Antonio, but council members are not my only customers… pardon me?… what attitude?….. you’re right, I am stressed Laurie this isn’t helping. You folks on the 3rd floor lay these major projects on us at the last minute, expect us to drop everything to get it done yesterday. I’m tired of it!… If that’s being negative, so be it…….I’ll get to it when I can. If it’s not good enough, get someone else to …..what?….is that a threat? ……no, go ahead, call Casey. Tell her you want a happier slave! (hangs up)


Happy Employee


Guide to a Safe Workplace Free of Abuse and Bullying

Originally published by Northeastern University School of Business

Workplaces are a natural melting pot for people of all different backgrounds to come together and work toward a singular company vision. However, not all employees work cohesively with one another, as some people may not get along all that well with others. Most people avoid any sort of confrontation and leave it at being polite, but brief. Others, though, take it further — to abuse and bullying.

According to this Forbes article, experts say there’s a general lack of bullying behavior awareness in workplaces, which may prevent people from immediately realizing that someone is being actively bullied. Workplace abuse can significantly impact victims in a negative way, having severe repercussions on not only their work but also their physical and mental health. Furthermore, companies pay the price when abuse is involved, from employee turnover to compensation claims to a ruined reputation.