Workplace Training Network President and Founder, Kit Goldman, sharing some quick facts about the power of “edutainment”.

Engage Your Employees!

Compliance and other workplace training doesn’t have to be boring! Workplace Training Network’s unique “edutainment” methodology harnesses the power of entertainment to educate your business’s employees about sexual harassment, workplace harassment, diversity & inclusion, bullying & violence in the workplace, diversity, ethics, code of conduct, and other workplace issues.

Our team of experts and diverse ensemble of professional actors delivers your training online, onsite and on DVD, achieving unsurpassed levels of engagement and retention. Your learners will tune in and internalize the information and concepts you need them to understand re: workplace conduct and laws — and your company will be compliant and up-to-date with required regulations!

The Difference. The Power. The Appeal. The Value.

Our knowledgeable experts at Workplace Training Network will give your team a contemplative, compassionate, and compelling approach to intense subject matters. Your employees will retain critical lessons long after their learner requirements are met. We can honestly say that when you partner with WTN, you will have the best client care and support found anywhere.

  • The absolute best, most committed and personal client service and support you will find anywhere on the planet
  • Full compliance with your state mandatory Harassment training requirements
  • Meets U.S. Supreme Court “Effective Training Standard”
  • Delivered from your custom, fully-branded portal
  • State of the art Learner and Administrator Interface
  • Always cost effective! Pricing customized for your budget
  • Test-your-knowledge quizzes after every module
  • Printable completion certificates
  • Printable course materials
  • Detailed tracking reports
  • Your learners are part of our conversation
  • Complex concepts are made easily understandable
  • Industry-specific versions for Construction, Hospitality, Automotive, College & Universities, Healthcare
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