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Back Off!

By Kit Goldman, President of Workplace Training Network, Inc.

Rico: an employee at a fictional company
Danielle: his co-worker

SCENE: The break room. Other employees and supervisors in the room. “Rico” at a table reading the paper. Danielle enters.

D: Rico- how’s the coffee?

R: Ever sip drano?

D: Great. I need a cup. (big yawn) Did you see Larry King last night? (big yawn) He had on this gorgeous Hispanic scientist with a French accent which is a really exotic combo (big yawn…) anyway he was talking about this research (big yawn)…. That shows the quality of your “social life” if you get my drift, directly effects your energy level…(big yawn)…tell me about it.


Go for the Gold

By Kit Goldman, President of Workplace Training Network, Inc.

Roger: a supervisor at a fictional company
Margo: his employee

SCENE: Roger’s office. He’s on the phone.


R: (In the middle of phone conversation)… Are you saying I’m a bigot? Benny, I can’t believe you of all people… no, I’m not a homophobe… All I said to the fruit of the loom was “go home & change”… (Margo, an employee, peeks in. He motions her to come in and sit. She enters, remains standing.) … Fine… you’re right. I shouldn’t refer to him that way… listen, this guy is 6’ 4”, 250 pounds and he was wearing harem pants and twinkle toe shoes… we have a dress code around here! He looked like “I Dream of Jeannie”!… of course it’s not an anti-gay thing. You know me better than that. The other gay guy in my group freaked out too! (Laughs, notices Margo.)… hey gotta go… yeah, we’re on for the game… later. (Hangs up. Sees Margo looking at photo on desk.) That’s right. You’re a photographer… (Picks up photo, shows Margo.) My lovely bride on the beach in San Juan Puerto Rico. Who but the supreme being could create a mamasota like that?

M: Dow Chemical?

R: Bitter, table for 1. (returns photo to desk)