Topic: Supervisor Training


Do or Die

By Kit Goldman, President of Workplace Training Network, Inc.


David: a newly appointed manager at a fictional company
Sheila: an employee, formerly David’s peer, now his subordinate

SCENE: a local restaurant/bar. Sheila’s at a table waiting for David. He enters.


S: David! Over here! I was getting worried.

D: Hey, sorry. Meeting went over. It’s bumper to bumper. Cell phone’s dead. What a day. And it’s only half over. I never do this during the work day, but I’m having a beer. Want one?

S: You’re the boss now, so sure. (David orders beers) Anything I can do to help relieve that stress?



Safety Yardsticks: Harassment, Bullying, Respect

By Kit Goldman, President and Founder, Workplace Training Network, Inc.

Three important measurements of safety in your workplace are:

  • Your team’s awareness of the risks harassment and bullying can pose
  • Their commitment to respectful conduct
  • Supervisors and employees who know the warning signs of violence and what to do if they occur

Training is essential for achieving all three!

Ok, picture the following scenario. You’re a manager dealing with a difficult employee. We’ll call him “Jeff”. Jeff was great for a while – even employee of the month — but lately, there have been performance issues.