Topic: Workplace Chronicles

WTN chronicles the workplace in our live-action episodes. These scenes are performed in our “edutainment-style” training by professional actors/trainers/subject matter experts.

Below are sample scenes from our library of over 100 “prime time” issue-packed scripts, embracing dozens of legal and behavioral topics.

You can also license WTN scripts for use in your own classroom or video training, or WTN will provide custom programs using the scripts of your choice.

WTN: the power of Edutainment!

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Different Worlds

By Kit Goldman, President of Workplace Training Network, Inc.

Felicia: a Hispanic employee at a fictional company
Frank: her Anglo co-worker and team leader

SCENE: Frank is in the break room. Felicia enters.

Different Worlds Scene 1

Felicia: Hey, Frank! Glad I found you. Sorry to interrupt your break but I need your input right away on a couple of items for the Inter-Tech project. (calls out to someone across the break room in Spanish) Luis! Entonces me vas a conseguir los graficos para el final del dia, OK? Excelente! (to Frank) Luis is re-working the graphics for Monday’s presentation. That’s one of the things I wanted to talk to you about, actually.

Frank: Re-working it? Why? Barb’s graphics are fine. She’s got about 60 hours in those graphics.



Do or Die

By Kit Goldman, President of Workplace Training Network, Inc.


David: a newly appointed manager at a fictional company
Sheila: an employee, formerly David’s peer, now his subordinate

SCENE: a local restaurant/bar. Sheila’s at a table waiting for David. He enters.


S: David! Over here! I was getting worried.

D: Hey, sorry. Meeting went over. It’s bumper to bumper. Cell phone’s dead. What a day. And it’s only half over. I never do this during the work day, but I’m having a beer. Want one?

S: You’re the boss now, so sure. (David orders beers) Anything I can do to help relieve that stress?



No Big Deal

By Kit Goldman, President of Workplace Training Network, Inc.


Arturo: A customer service supervisor at a fictional company
Tracy: An IT employee

Scene: Arturo’s office. Tracy dashes in holding a cup of coffee.


T: Sorry I’m late. Stopped in the break room to get some coffee and that new temp… Ron… was in there passing out birthday cake and doing his thing.

A: “His thing”?

T: (takes off jacket, puts on chair) Yeah, the “spank me, it’s my birthday” thing. Putting on a big show even though he’s only been here 27 and a half days, not that I’m counting. The whole thing’s juvenile and disgusting. Anyway, sorry. What’s going on?



Nuts and Bolts

By Kit Goldman, President of Workplace Training Network, Inc.


Colleen: Newly promoted Facilities Supervisor at a fictional company
Lonnie: A veteran employee on her crew

Scene: Repair shop at the facility. Tools, hardware, schematics scattered on table and floor. Coffee on table, water bottle overturned, liquid on papers. Colleen enters.

C: What the…? (picks items off floor, lifts wet schematic, looks offstage) Lonnie? Lonnie, you here? (dials phone) Janice, I’m in the shop. Lonnie’s not here and it’s a pigsty. What’s his break schedule? Yeah, I’ll hold.

Lonnie enters, looks like he just woke up, startled to see Colleen

L: Hey Colleen (yawns, tucks shirt, rubs eyes)

C: (to phone) Right. OK, thanks. (To him) Taking a little snooze?

L: Who? Me?



All Due Respect

By Kit Goldman, President of Workplace Training Network, Inc.

Characters: Shannon, H.R. professional at a fictional company in the automotive industry
Managers and employees

Scene 1:  A  training session. “Shannon” is at the head of the table with a flip chart.


S: Hi everyone. Thanks for coming. I’m Shannon Reese from corporate H.R. I’m here to explore a really important topic with you today.  See this word here? (writes respect in huge letters on flip chart)  “Respect”. Some of you may be old enough to remember the Aretha Franklin song. Lord knows I am.

Monty: That’s OK, Shannon. You’re an oldie but a goodie.

S: Thanks, Monty.  I think. You know, that comment takes us right to our topic. Respect. What do you think? Could someone take offense at being called an “oldie but goodie” at work?

Dee Dee: Maybe. But you called yourself old first, so….

S: True, Dee Dee, but it’s different when someone else says it, dontcha think?

Monty: Ok. Delete the oldie. Just go with the goodie.



Can We Talk?

By Kit Goldman, President of Workplace Training Network, Inc.

Darren: an employee at a fictional company or government agency Navy
Sherry: a co-worker

Scene: Sherry enters David’s workspace.

S: Hey David

D: Hey.

S: Can I come in?

D: You’re already in.

S: Well, can I sit down and talk to you for a minute?

D: OK. Would you mind brushing off your pants first? No offense, but you’re always covered in cat hair.



Man Oh Man

By Kit Goldman, President of Workplace Training Network, Inc.


Jackie: Supervisor at a fictional company
Rich: the sole male employee in her group

SCENE: Jackie’s office. She’s at her desk. Rich comes to her door.

J: Come on in, sweetie…

R: (enters, carrying file) Great. Glad you have some time.

J: I don’t. But we’ll do what we can. What’s up?


Safe or Sorry

By Kit Goldman, President of Workplace Training Network, Inc.

Art: Shipping Dept. supervisor at a fictional company
Dottie: His administrative assistant
Vito: A lead on his crew

SCENE: Art’s office. He’s on the phone.

A: (on the phone)…what’s that pal?…you’re right, I am stressed-out. Why? Well, let’s see. My mother in law’s in week 4 of her one week visit….why? Who knows?… Probably to help Yolanda and the girls train for the Olympic speed shopping event. Then yesterday, I find out Arturo Jr. ‘s giving up soccer and starting ballet. Plus he needs more braces then the Golden Gate Bridge. You know how much money we’re talking?…that’s right, man. You know that old saying “The harder I work behinder I get”?…Well, now you do. Story of my life….what?….gee, thanks for asking. I’m not depressed enough. You had to bring up the forklift accident…huh?…who said that?…no…no…no, that’s not what happened! First of all, the guy’s a new hire. Said he knew what he was doing. I believed him. We’re way behind, so I put him on the floor right away. Figured I’d deal with the formalities — training, paperwork nonsense – later… you got it. (more…)

Back Off!

By Kit Goldman, President of Workplace Training Network, Inc.

Rico: an employee at a fictional company
Danielle: his co-worker

SCENE: The break room. Other employees and supervisors in the room. “Rico” at a table reading the paper. Danielle enters.

D: Rico- how’s the coffee?

R: Ever sip drano?

D: Great. I need a cup. (big yawn) Did you see Larry King last night? (big yawn) He had on this gorgeous Hispanic scientist with a French accent which is a really exotic combo (big yawn…) anyway he was talking about this research (big yawn)…. That shows the quality of your “social life” if you get my drift, directly effects your energy level…(big yawn)…tell me about it.